Gravel Pits

H. Bye owns and operates several gravel pits to effectively serve areas of Wellington and Grey Counties. We highly respect our neighbours while operating all pits with pride, care, and full compliance.  A dedicated ground crew works throughout the summer to routinely maintain lawns, fences, trees, signage and dust control. We live where we work.

We perform regular quality control tests on all manufactured aggregate through use of our in house laboratory as well as third party testing to ensure we meet or exceed all applicable standards.

Some of the products we have in stock include:

  • Armour Stone
  • Granular A
  • Granular B - "Pit Run"
  • Granular B - Type 3
  • Granular B - 3" minus
  • Granular B - 4" minus
  • Brick Sand
  • Septic Sand - T Time and Sieve Analysis Provided
  • Conduit Sand - 3mm Maximum Particle Size
  • Farmers Sand - 3mm Maximum Particle Size
  • Highway Sand
  • Salted Sand
  • Concrete Stone - 19mm
  • Concrete Sand - OPSS.PROV 1002
  • Stone Dust
  • 3/4" Clear Stone
  • Gabion Stone
  • Bank Sand/Sand Fill
  • P-Stone
Our Pit Locations
89/Calder Pit
Rice/Gorman Pit
Rocky Pit
Reeves Pit
Aitken Pit
Flanagan Pit
Ammerman Pit
Ghent Pit

See Our Aggregates in Use